National Breaker and Alberta Breaker have joined forces.

About Us

Alberta Breaker & Supply Co.

Our Legacy & Vision For The Future

Welcome to Alberta Breaker & Supply, Calgary’s leading source for electrical equipment since 2001. Specialising in a comprehensive array of products, we are dedicated to powering your residential, commercial, and industrial projects with excellence and expertise.

Since our inception and through our merger with National Breaker, Alberta Breaker & Supply has been at the forefront of the electrical supply industry. We are committed to continuous growth, aiming to broaden our inventory and services to cater to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Connect with Our Experts

For solutions that illuminate and power, reach out to Alberta Breaker & Supply. Our team of knowledgeable experts is ready to assist with your electrical needs, ensuring you receive top-notch service and support. Contact us today and experience the Alberta Breaker & Supply difference.

Our Calgary Team

Gordon Haynes - CEO

Gordon Haynes has 56 years of experience and expertise in the electrical industry. He has served as the manager of three electrical distributors: Westburne, Gescan, and Nedco, and as a manager with General Electric, an electrical manufacturer.

Aaron Bell

Aaron Bell graduated from Red Deer College’s journeyman electrical program and spent many years on the tools. After that, he moved on to be a salesman at Gescan. He spent more than 20 years with the company and later became manager at multiple locations.

Don Haynes

Don Haynes is a master electrician with 9 years of experience in the trade. His time working in the field is an asset to our team and rounds out our knowledge base. He has also been at Alberta Breaker & Supply for another 9 years and knows all the product lines very well.

Willy Muckersie

Willy Muckersie’s experience goes back 20 years in the breaker industries. He has been with Alberta Breaker & Supply since the beginning and is incredibly knowledgeable with hardware kit and older frame breakers. Willy is our tech in the warehouse and does a lot of the testing.

Dean Ropchan

25 years, Starting in utility construction working on power systems with Epcor. Later would move on to working at the distributors such as ECS & Gescan. Dean brings a knowledge on motor control an excellent customer service.

Tim Davis

We have just recently reacquired Tim back to the team. He started his career with Klockner Moeller in 1987, where he worked on motor control systems. Later, he went on to work for a couple of distributors before working for Alberta Breaker & Supply. He moved on to get back into the motor control industry where he got into sold VFDs. Tim has taken over the motor control division and is your man to talk to about any control issue.

Our Edmonton Team

David Kaiser

23 years of experience and expertise in the Electrical Distribution Industry. He served as the manager for 2 locations for EECOL Electric and has brought his expertise and drive to our sales team.

Nathan Tallman

Started his business career in the Electrical field of Wind turbines and has since been working in multiple fields of business to grow companies through sales, operations, and Quality management. Between the Electrical and Energy fields, Nathan Brings 14 years of business expertise.

James Prouty

Has worked in various companies with 20 years in warehouse management, 7 of which being Electrical warehouse management. With his experience from multiple companies such as Litemor, James’s dedication to organization and efficiency is a welcome addition to the team.